FFT Glia Shycocan



Clamps & Tensioning Assemblies

Fine Filteration Technology offers a variety of hardware innovations for filter bag Clamping and Tensioning. The right Clamping and Tensioning hardware improves filter bag cleaning efficiencies and extends filter bag life. Our designs are easy to install and user friendly.

Vacuum Cleaning System

This System is designed specially for Reverse Air Baghouse Cleaning. The pick-up Vacuum Hose is very flexible and can be taken to inaccessible places of the RABH. This unit uses compressed air supply into a very powerful vacuum and material transferring system. This system can pick up and convey Powders, Plastic Pellets, Sand, Liquids and numerous other bulk materials. This can also be used for Pre-Coating of new bags.
This is portable and can be easily used in large Systems.